Hello Dear Matthias Lück. Thank you for giving us the chance to Interview with you. Our first question is how the “Quarantine” affects your art?

Thank you for the interest in my work and the opportunity to present myself, I live with my wife and our dog in a rather rural area around Berlin with a lot of space in forests and fields. So, the quarantine only had a limited impact on my freedom of movement. It is of course not possible to hide from this pandemic and therefore something of the tension and feelings of the moment is sure to seep into my work. Many personal experiences and current events from the world of politics are reflected in my work. For me, painting or making art in general is an important way to explain things I don't understand and to process events. In short, art keeps me from eating all the madness of the world into myself and accepting everything indifferently. Art is my way of communicating with the world.  

What memorable responses have you had to your work?

There are really no really memorable reactions. I like to talk about art and of course also about mine, whether mine is delighted or horrified is secondary. The most beautiful moments are the moments when people tell me their story about my work, often their interpretations are more imaginative and deeper than I could ever imagine. This creates situations in which people see their life story in one of my pictures and still contact me months or even years later to find out when and where they can visit an exhibition again.

How have you developed your career?

At some point I started with friends to explore the abandoned buildings and areas of the NVA and the LPG, there we all had time to paint walls and walls and so brought color into a long-forgotten world. I found pleasure in designing with spray paint and quickly expanded my repertoire and so brushes and acrylic paints were added. A few years later I began to transfer what I had learned to canvases and over time slipped into a more figurative representation up to the landscapes and stories that I am trying to depict today. Today I am happy about every invitation to an art event where I am allowed to paint and I enjoy going to exhibitions by artist friends. I am self-taught and quite proud of it.

How do you navigate the art world?

I'm more like a small child on the beach, with my head bowed, I move on the border between the sea and the sandy beach. If a wave comes then I jump a little further on the beach and if I notice a beautiful shell or a stone then I bend down and pick it up. At the end of the day at the beach I have many small, beautiful pieces in my bucket that may seem meaningless to other viewers. What I mean by that is that the art market is so infinitely large and confusing that every piece and everyone has their right to exist. The totality of everything makes up the beautiful sandy beach. Of course, there is a dump and other rubbish thrown away here and there, but somehow that too belongs to the art world.

Can you give us a spoiler on what’s coming next for Matthias Lück?

Since the days are getting warmer again, I can dedicate myself to two commissioned works in the outdoor area that I would like to complete. There are also a few pieces of work with different materials that need to be completed. For me personally, I always hope to find someone to exhibit my work and possibly a permanent representation through a gallery.
Thank you and everyone stay healthy out there!