Our project ‘Love is love’  has been conceived especially  to celebrate pride month this June, (every country has different dates this month for pride marches), so we decided to publish it the end of the month, to include it all.

 The background for these pride marches are the stonewall riots that took place in 1969 in the USA,  which changed the gay rights for a lot of people in America and other countries for the better,  Although sadly there are still many countries in the world that forbid gay relationships, even criminalizing them and in certain countries punishable by the death penalty.

 Even so, in our more liberal western countries, unfortunately, LGBTQ+ (this term has been adopted later on to include more groups than only gays, it stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, queer or questioning and the + symbol is  to mean ‘and others’), they are often still harassed and beaten up in the streets  and afraid their families and friends won’t accept it either, so they are scared to come out for fear of the consequences. The LGBQT+ rights have to still be fought for in order to change people’s conceptions as well as education what it stands for and what it’s all about.

 Pride is a celebration of diversity and inclusiveness in love, it is about acceptance and celebrating the work of LGBQT+ people and education as well as the history.

The rainbow flag has come to represent LGBQT+ love as the different colors represent the different forms of love in all of its different shades and how beautiful that is.

Pride is about being proud of who you are and not having to hide it any longer.

Love should be for everyone; ‘Love is Love’.

 So feel the love and take a look what this group of artists has come up with; to mark this important occasion.

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Aline Oudeau Chiofolo